Sunday, 22 April 2018

Why Multilingual People Make Excellent Employees?

The fundamental structure of the brain may undergo a change when you speak a different language irrespective of whether it is your high-school French or the language spoken by your grandparents. When a group of such malleable minds collaborates together in an organization, it is possible to create the real potential of original thinking.

You must be aware that organizations thrive and surge ahead when a multicultural workforce come up with diverse and exciting ideas. Awareness of multiple cultures is a necessary soft skill in professional as well as personal lives. A survey was conducted by the Economists where 2/3rds of 572 executives in international companies said that the multicultural nature of their teams enhances the innovation power of their organizations.

However, the languages spoken by such diverse teams could be as important as their cultural backgrounds. According to some experts, the language structure used by a person influences the manner in which they view the world around them. It means that people who speak different languages and communicate, behave, and think in diverse ways.

Studies done on multi-language teams demonstrate that groups of employees speaking in mixed
languages have a potential to come up with innovative solutions for different types of practical problems. The reason for this is these employees use a mix of communication strategies dynamically and with a great deal of flexibility.

Equipment Required While Conducting a Successful Event

Have you ever wondered what the yardstick to measure an event’s success? Ideally, a successful event is the result of is organizers going that extra mile, strengthening cooperation and enhancing productivity. And above all, the equipment or logistics play an important role to make or break an event.

 Certain parts of your events should be captured so that it can be referenced to. Hence, audio-visual pieces of equipment are a top priority in such cases. Examples of these include cheap hand-held camcorders or high-tech camera set like the ones used in a professional studio. Equipment like these also needs trained camera technicians, editing software, and boom holder.

 At present, many event videos make an attempt to engage the audience. As it is not possible to control their responses, companies may either rent or purchase a sophisticated audience response systems so that the final recording of the video can be enhanced.

 In case an event needs to focus on perilous performances or acts, traditional equipment is definitely not the most crucial equipment. Instead, there is a requirement of professional and trained medical experts, fire extinguishers, safety nets, and ambulance.

 There is certain specialized event equipment, which is unconventional but is becoming a necessity. These include gadgets needed for check-in and guest registration. Others include types of equipment like printers, scanners, tablets, and laptops.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why Can Human Translators Be Never Replaced By Machines?

There are several reasons why machines can never take the place of human translators. Check out the top two reasons below:

1. It is an enormous task

The acceptability, success, and effectiveness of any universal machine translation solution may require a mammoth scope. After all, there are about seven thousand languages in our world. Although the machine translation took care of just a few hundred important ones, there are so many major hurdles to overcome. Apart from programming the vocabulary, rules, and grammatical structure of every language involved, the machine translation should also constitute of the set of translation rules to translate each of the languages into the other one.   Plus, the software should take care of all concepts and words in these languages starting from daily conversations to rocket science and nuclear physics.

2. Keep including new and changing concepts, words, and grammar

Languages keep changing all the time. There are new words or concepts, which were nonexistent a decade or even two decades ago. Some key examples include OMG, Facebook, mobile, selfies and so on.  There are many words whose meanings have undergone change and are not used in the earlier context any longer. There was a time when the word “gay” was associated with “jolly”. “Jolly” was associated with words like “cheerful” and “happy” then.

Do Not Go For a Remote Meeting without These Tools

Does any of your team or employee work from a remote place? If it is so, then you must be familiar with the unique challenges, which accompany while holding a remote meeting with such team members or managing them. If your workers stay in varying time zone, collaborating and communicating with them can be pretty tough. It is also tougher to form strong relationships and bonding with them.

Luckily though, there are many innovative tools that make things simpler than before so that managing such remote meetings are more effective. You can consider the following tips as your guide for getting ready to face the changes ahead.

Getting them onboard and training

The term on boarding refer to including new employees into the company culture and your team. The process can be quite a challenging aspect to manage a remote team. It allows businesses to schedule sessions for on boarding and make presentations, which permit remote members to take part in real time through document sharing, question and answer sessions and including a whiteboard feature.

Collaboration and communication

In order to conduct remote collaborations or successful remote meetings, a tool is needed that can bring together workers who are geographically scattered on a single virtual page. An excellent example of this is the Google Drive that can assist in sharing, editing, and creation of documents by using cloud computing and storage.

Monday, 2 April 2018

How Will Technology Affect Corporate Training?

Technological change is accelerating forward. As technology moves forward, it impacts several industries along with it. The impact is seen in high-growth fields. It is then no wonder that technology is being used to revolutionize the way in which corporate personnel is being trained.

A number of forward thinking businesses are looking at innovative methods to enhance the skills of their employees. These are a few ways in which technology is bound to change corporate training as we know it.

Learner experience design

In learner experience design, insights from the collected data are merged with the performance exhibited by a student to develop teaching modules that are personalized for each student. User data is used to create a more interactive and personalized approach to corporate training. This, in turn, allows both companies and employees to be flexible and have greater control over the outcome of a training.

Using game mechanics

Gamification involves the use of video games and simulation to increase the involvement while learning. Online games are used to develop various workplace scenarios and employees are trained to enhance their skills by finding a solution to each of these scenarios. It is fun and engaging, not to mention that it boosts creative thinking and innovation.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Help your expat kid to learn foreign language

Several children may need to learn a new language when their parents relocate to a new country for professional or even personal reasons. While the transition itself may not be an easy process at all, your children can enjoy a new experience altogether in a new land and in the midst of new people. It is true that the merits of learning to speak a new foreign language is mostly for all such people who settle in a different nation where the language spoken is not the same as the language they speak in their motherland.

In case it is the same scenario for you, chances are that you could be quite concerned about your children. Can they understand what their teachers or batch mates are speaking? What will they do if they have to visit the washroom? How long can they sit in the classroom when they cannot even understand even a single word of what is being spoken or taught?

Of course, it could be an unpleasant experience for any child. Some of the common queries parents may have are as follows:

Which language should they speak at home?
How much time will it take for the children to pick up a foreign language?
Should they teach the relevant foreign language to the child before shifting overseas?

Requirement for effective communication

If your children feel a greater desire to communicate and converse with their friends and teachers, they will put a higher effort to pick up a foreign language. In other words, the urge of learning a foreign language often comes from within.

Corporate Training Is Now A Necessary Business Enabler

Today, big companies do not consider corporate training programs as simply a privilege but as an essential part of the HR process. They see it as a key component for the long-term investment of their business growth. Many HR managers today regard the training function as a necessary business enabler. However, these managers do not shirk from acknowledging the fact that they have to do plenty of other activities to encourage training opportunities for their manpower. Business leaders have started realizing that training is a necessary investment to build up capability of their employees so that business results can be achieves and their organization can sustain and grow.

According to many studies, one out of every three employees leave their job in the very first year from the date of their joining since they felt disengaged. Most HR managers do not realize that there there is a huge financial implication if employees quit at this phase. It can be actually thrice the salary of such an employee. Plus, the expenses borne by them for retaining the settled and senior employees through training is significantly lower as compared to their replacement cost. Innovative e-training modules and solutions combined with faculty led class-room training programs can lead to amazing outcomes with respect to overall enhancement, productivity and retention of employees.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

What is the most suitable time of the day to practice your knowledge of a new language?

You could be in the category of a morning person or a night owl. However, if you are one of those innumerable people who has enrolled in a good foreign language school to learn a new language, it can help if you are an insomniac, according to a study conducted by Duolingo. The study concluded that if a person makes a regular practice of practicing the foreign language he or she is learning prior to going to bed at night, there is a greater likelihood of remembering it well.

To explore the subject even further, many studies have claimed that sleep has a positive influence on learning. In 2016, a study was conducted that investigated the relationship between sleep and repeated practice have on information retention in the long-run. It was particularly effective for getting familiar with the vocabulary of a foreign language. The study was conducted on 40 participants who practiced vocabulary on foreign languages, 50 percent of them learned in the evening and reviewed the lesson the next day morning. The other 50 percent did the reverse. They learned the lesson in the morning and reviewed the lesson in the same evening. Seven days later and then 6 months later, the retention of these participants were assessed by the researchers. It was discovered by the researchers that the participants who slept between learning and reviewing the lessons enjoyed retention for a longer time period.

But practicing a foreign language before going to sleep at night is not the only way. You should make a daily habit of learning the new language and do it consistently.

Origins Of Equipment Used For Simultaneous Interpretation

The definition of simultaneous interpretation equipment is somewhat debatable and yet the first time the equipment was used as it is being known today is believed to be after the conclusion if the Second World War in 1945 at the trials of Nuremberg.

However, before it, it was way back in the 1920s when Edward Filene, a businessman in the United States of America was known to propose it. Filene is believed to have supported the League of Nations and shared his idea of the use of audio equipment to the League so that the interpreters could use the headsets to offer the audio form of their translations to the listeners. However, this idea of his could not be strictly termed as being a part of simultaneous interpretation. Rather, his proposal was more in the lines of first getting the speech translated and subsequently reading out the translation by the interpreter while the original speaker gave the speech on a stage. Before that the organization used consecutive interpretation. Many others like Filene found the interpretation methodology quite inefficient and slow.

There are two major functions offered by the interpretation equipment of today. Firstly, they help in distributing the audio of the speaker to the interpreters. Secondly, they distribute the interpretation of the interpreter to the listeners who require it rather than distributing to others who do not require it.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Remote Meeting Tips To Make both Non-Remote and Remote Employees Feel Included

There will be very few who will argue against the fact that it is a tough job to manage your remote employees. While you could have come across tips to manage your remote teams, are you aware how to manage your remote and non-remote employees as part of a single team? It could be an extremely challenging job to manage both these sets of employees, especially when it comes to remote meetings. Here are some of those tips:

Check-in verbally with your remote employees

The physically present participants feel more included when they are attending a meeting. Thus, these sets of people are more relaxed in expressing their opinions and ideas. On the other hand, when some participants attend the same meeting virtually, their physical absence can make it tougher to become active participants in the discussion. In order to counter that, a good manager should develop a habit to verbally check in with their remote participants all through the meeting. It will make the remote participants feel more included.

Make sure that all meeting materials have been distributed to the members in advance

Make sure that you have distributed any visuals that will be used in the meeting and the meeting agenda is available to all the participants beforehand. It will help your remote team members to know what to expect if they join via teleconferencing even when they cannot see physically what you are referring to.

Check Out These Top Drivers for Worldwide Corporate Training Market

According to a recent forecast done by the market research analysts of Technavio, the worldwide market for corporate training is expected to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of approximately 10 percent. The analysis of the firm also highlights the top drivers in the training market that contribute to the surge of the global market of corporate training. These drivers are as follows.

Emergence of e-learning corporate training modules that is highly cost-effective The budget of any established organization takes into account expenses on corporate training. In fact, many business' productivities depend on the way its new recruits are trained and how well its existing workers have been upgrading their job-related skills. As such, more companies today are embracing cost-effective and innovative ways to impart training to their employees.

There are several expenses that are associated with classroom or traditional corporate training. Some of them include facility charges, trainer and employee time, travelling expenses that could be quite high. Additionally, there are high expenses involved in printing course materials as well as assessment papers that are not incurred if they are made available online for the employees. Employees are just required to be given the necessary access to this digital content and Internet. The transition to e-learning corporate modules from traditional training can save long working hours of employees.

Why Should Expats Learn a Foreign Language?

Imagine that you are in a different country and are not familiar with the local language. You are having a very tough time every day when you go out for shopping your daily necessities or communicating with the local people or even co-workers at your workplace. You may be also saving a lot of difficulties while trying to communicate with your child's teacher as she does not understand what you want to tell her. These are only some of the occasions when you feel furious, lonely, upset and completely frustrated. There are many people who feel that if they can speak English well, they will not have to face some of the above-mentioned issues. Hence, there is no need for them to learn the foreign language to settle at your destination nation. 

The notion is true up to some extent as English is understood and spoken even in many nations that are non-English speaking. At least, the educated citizens of these countries know how to converse in English. Yet, in your regular routine, you may come across different types of individuals ranging from cab drivers, colleagues, salespersons and so on. It is highly likely that some of them do not understand English. Even if they do, they may prefer to communicate in their own mother tongue. When you speak in the other person's language, you can win their respect. They will feel absolutely flattered that you have made an effort to communicate in their language.

Hospitals Depending On Telephone Interpretation Services to Communicate With Patients Speaking Different Languages

A healthcare facility called River's Edge Hospital and Clinic in Minnesota is using a special video interpretation service that can connect an interpreter with a patient through a video conference to offer necessary interpretation services.

If the patient feels that there is an inadequacy in the interpretation services provided to them, they may complain about the hospital to the state Department of Human Rights.

It is a special video conference service that offers a convenient and affordable means to get in touch with an interpreter whose services could be needed only on certain occasions. Stephanie Holden, the CMO of the hospital said that the service was started at the hospital about a year ago.

She shared that her hospital has just migrated from phone to video. It has been a good change for them to have this special video service available. Both the patient and the healthcare providers can see the interpreter simultaneously. Holden feels that there is a greater value when the faces of the interpreters can be seen rather than just hearing their voices. She also added that the step taken by the hospital has fetched them positive reviews on the satisfaction surveys conducted on their patients.

On an average, the hospital uses this service about 5 to 10 times every month. Mostly, the patients in the emergency and urgent care department use this interpretation service. The hospital only uses those interpreters who are certified in healthcare interpretation services.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Annual Planning Made Simple for Remote Teams

There can be plenty of items on your plate as you juggle between home and work. After all, it is not negotiable to stay efficient and productive. Plus, there could be an added responsibility of coordinating with your remote team that may further add up to your existing stress. However, streamlining your end of the year targets and deadlines need not mean your remote team should travel physically. In other words, the key to your success is an effective collaboration. Read on to know the various steps.

1. You need to create a dedicated workspace

You require a virtual workspace while working together with your remote teams fluidly. Space can be used for a real-time chat about latest updates, feedback, review, sharing documents and for project management and scheduling. 

2. Kickoff remote meeting

Schedule a remote meeting and send the agenda prior to the meeting so that it is well-structured. Inform your team members to switch on their videos. Considerable face-time can help to ensure that all of you are in proper sync. 

3. Conduct review meets and revise

You need to have another remote meeting along with those remote team members to review the entire plan as a group. Ask questions such as whether the presentation is able to tell the story clearly or not. Is the data being presented impactful to the audience?

4. Make the final presentation

Schedule another remote meeting with all your stakeholders as well as managers. Do remember to record this meeting and share the link with any member who has not hot the presentation.

Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages Simultaneously

You may have a dream to become multilingual but learning multiple languages at a time can be tricky. However, you should not hesitate from taking up a challenge like that as there are many  benefits of learning many languages simultaneously. 

1. Learning multiple languages can save your precious time

Though it may sound contradictory in the beginning, imagine how easy your life would be if you can communicate well while traveling to Spain or France. In such scenarios, you can utilize the maximum time period of your vacation rather than wasting your time and try to figure things out. However, learning multiple languages simultaneously needs an excellent strategy and careful planning.

2. Good for the brain

Not many people are aware that the structure of their brains can alter for the better within only three months. Learning several languages can increase your brain mass. You can also have an improved memory. In case you want that your children should do well in their lives, make them learn more than one language at a young age. To put it simply, when a person is bilingual from an early age, his or her mental capacity is more robust, more accurate and is faster. 

3. Creates opportunities for multicultural understanding and employment

When you learn a second foreign language, it boosts up your employment opportunities. If you are multilingual, you can enjoy an edge in your career and job market. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Some Important Tools for Remote Meetings and Collaboration

Your company may enjoy a great business impact when they can bring employees together from different geographical corners of the world. In order to cultivate an effective remote work culture, your employees should be equipped with the right resources, tools and mindset Check out some of these tools for remote collaborations and meetings.


Remote teams need to be in touch with each other through video conferencing. Watching other co-workers on the screen is the best alternative since these employees cannot have in-person meetings. In order to enjoy a successful video meeting, it is crucial to have a stable Internet connection, a microphone, access to good video conferencing software like Zoom and a webcam.

Google Drive

It is a storage platform on the cloud, which enables different remote teams to share and store slide presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Different team members are able to collaborate or work on the same spreadsheet or document simultaneously. Thus, it is an excellent tool for storing and reporting monthly or weekly metrics, and documenting meeting notes. Plus, it is possible to sync files on Google Drive across multiple devices. Hence, your employees will be able to view as well as modify them from any place. 

Google Calendar

There could be challenges related to scheduling remote meetings. In order to handle this hurdle, you can use the Google calendar. It is a free online calendar enabling your remote employees to view the calendars of one another while scheduling remote meetings.

Why Learning a New Language Can Boost Your Career?

Maybe it is time now for you to seriously contemplate about learning a foreign language. By doing so you can be benefited from your next overseas holiday. However, more importantly, it can improve your career prospects in the future. Check out how leaning a different language can highly boost your career. 

An ocean of new possibilities and countries will open up

When you are fluent in speaking the language of another nation, it will definitely open new doors. In fact, when you know a number of languages, your exposure to job prospects will grow by leaps and bounds. Plus, your existing company can give you a bigger role to play.

International businesses require your language proficiency

In case, your organization enjoys an international reach, they are definitely going to value all those employees who are equipped with international communication skills. In fact, an increasing number of companies today are expanding beyond their geographical boundaries and working with overseas clients as well as are trying to attract foreign audiences. Thus, you will be at a big advantage when you are fluent in multiple languages.

Will be equipped with better multi-tasking skills

Several studies go on to indicate that when you know multiple languages, your multi-tasking skills will improve. The logic behind this is when you listen to different languages as well as translate them while listening, your gain more skill in switching between different tasks. 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to Create Content for Customized Online Training for Corporate Learners?

Any customized online training can cover several distinct aspects with respect to how the interaction of the learner with an online training module is concerned.

Here are a few tips on how to create relevant and good content for customized online training for your corporate learners:

1. Take into account a variety of learning preferences

Training approaches are never same for different employees. While some corporate learners are fond of an audio-based activity, others may prefer presentations or podcasts. There are some employees who have an affinity toward more tactile and interactive online training modules. A customized online training module enables them to select a specific online training activity, which suits their personal preferences.

2. Thorough research and homework on your target audience

The knowledge, preferences, goals, and requirements of your employees determine all aspects of your online training modules. Hence, you need to research the experience levels and background of your employees for creating online training experiences, which offer true value. If you want to design customized online training courses for your employees, you should learn about them thoroughly. You can then use your knowledge to design targeted online training courses for bridging the identified gaps.

Questions To Ask Before Selecting the Right Language Course for Yourself

You are all set to learn a new language. However, you are not quite certain of which language to pick up. Here are some of the questions you should ask prior to selecting a language course for yourself.
Is there better career prospect for you if you learn a particular language?

For instance, China is all set to emerge as the most affluent and powerful nation in the entire world. If you keep this aspect in your mind, your career may be benefitted in future in case you learn the Chinese language. Do some of your most prominent clients converse in a specific language? Does your reporting superior speak a particular language? Will you be able to take up more responsibilities and challenges when you are proficient in a particular new language? The answers to all these questions will help you to make up your mind about the language you should learn.

Do you have a personal preference for a specific language?

There are some people who have a natural affinity toward how a certain language sounds. There could be some others who are fond of a particular culture or nation, which started a language. Some of you may feel a certain language is simpler to pick up as compared to another.

Do you have plans of settling in a particular nation in the near future?

In case you have plans of relocating to another nation where a particular language is dominant, your selection of a language becomes easier. You know that if you have a general idea of that language before traveling to that nation, it will become simpler for you to pick up that language.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Why Should An Employee Dress Well Even During Online Remote Meetings?

Many researchers claim that how an employee dresses up has a big impact on their work ethic and attitude on the basis of their studies conducted. It also means that employees need to reconsider their dress codes during office hours.

Dressing style has an impact on cognitive style

A study conducted at California State University and Northridge, Columbia inferred that clothing has a big influence on people's ability and thoughts. It has an impact on how other people (co-workers and prospects) perceive you as well as how you perceive yourself. Studies have also demonstrated that workers feel more productive, trustworthy and authoritative while they were dressed in business suits since it gives an impression of forcefulness and aggression.

Thus, dressing up formally for an online remote meeting or a video conference should improve your level of confidence. It will also help the audience to consider you as a thorough professional. You need to create a good impression in remote or online meetings.

The way you dress up in your online meetings will depend on the kind of impact you want to create. It should depend on the kind of psychological perception your audience should have. For instance, address shirt will be a great choice for creatives as well as professionals.

Why Does Corporate Training Through E-Learning Work?

Today eLearning has emerged as a major instructional mechanism in different fields. Irrespective of whether an employer wants to train their new recruits about the different organization policies, on new equipment or machines or instructing the students, it has become immensely valuable to develop employee skills as well as is useful for further worker engagement.

Employees need to spend about 40 to 60 percent less time in learning as compared to classroom training

The reason for this is quite simple. Corporate training programs use asynchronous eLearning modules to train their employees. Employees do not have to stop their regular workflows and sit through a classroom session. Rather, eLearning modules can be completed at their own comfortable pace, schedule, and own terms. Thus, time can be saved and the overall expenses of a corporate training can come down significantly.

eLearning can increase the engagement level of employees by about 18 percent

Corporate training through eLearning can offer your employees an excellent way to establish a connection with your organization. These modules are online and they do not disrupt the normal workflows of your employees. Additionally, they can participate in the training in a more active manner and thereby show increased engagement level with your business.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Ways Of Speaking To A Multilingual Audience

Organizing international meetings is a must for several companies as part of their business operations. In fact, they have been doing it for many years and are professionals in hosting these meetings now.

However, there are some businesses who could be hosting such a multilingual or multicultural meeting for the first time or very rarely. For them, the entire experience could be like swimming in deep waters. There could be several challenges before these businesses in the form of appealing to the right set of audiences and hosting the event in a way, which makes these attendants feel accepted and welcome. Read on to know how to speak to your multilingual audience effectively.

Program Committee

Are you working with a certain committee for deciding the program of your corporate event? Then make sure that the committee represents the population you are hoping will be present.


You should make it a point to hire speakers specifically from the nations you anticipate will be present. By doing so, you are actually adding a greater level of connection and familiarity for attendees in your conference who belong to other nations. It also enables you to benefit from their marketing initiatives and attract additional participants to your meeting.

Simultaneous Interpretation

You should also offer simultaneous interpretation services for main presentations as well as keynotes in the major languages that are understood by the participants.

Building A Cloud Based Corporate Training System

It is important to point out at the outset that there are some basic differences between desktop training and training modules that are based on cloud computing. The most prominent distinction is that cloud based training modules are independent of operating systems. As a result, such training modules can not only be accessed through a Mac computer but you can also access then over the Windows, iOS or Android faded tablet devices and mobile phones.

To put it quite simply, a modern e-Learning course module needs to adhere to three major criteria. These are ability to be accessed over the cloud, be visual-heavy and should be compatible with mobile interfaces. Many cloud-based training programs that are available in the market usually fulfil the above-mentioned criteria. Such tools are typically subscription based. Plus, these learning management systems are usually more popular among medium and small-sized businesses as there is no need to install software and are usually just plug-and-play.

However, you need to also know that most LMS tools based on cloud computing are less flexible as far as customization is concerned. As such, you will have less chances to personalize such a tool's dashboard or include own branding.

A second focus area while creating a training module based on cloud is to setup delivery. Based on the kind of lessons to be delivered, a training program may have to be broadcasted at real-time.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

What is the Job of a Simultaneous Interpreter?

If you want to build up your career as a good simultaneous interpreter, knowing two different languages is not adequate. In fact, it is equally important that the interpreter is proficient about the subject matter. How much time is sufficient to get ready for a simultaneous interpretation assignment may vary from individual to individual.

Say an interpreter has two different simultaneous interpretation assignments on the same day, one from eight in the morning to noon and another from two in the afternoon to six pm. There will be various factors that will determine how much time an interpreter will require getting ready for a meeting. These factors may include the total time for preparation, whether they already have some knowledge of the topic, how responsible they are and so on.

It is extremely crucial for a simultaneous interpreter to have existing knowledge of the conference or the topic so that they can perform well. Merely knowing the topics of the day will not suffice; they should be prepared with the vocabulary of every individual event. After all, there is always a possibility that certain terms may pop up in the event, which may not be present even in the source language. The client or the employers also expect that their simultaneous interpreters only speak about matters they are familiar or proficient about. An interpreter can get ready by making use of documents and speeches for a particular meeting, specialized journals, newspapers, the Internet and so on.

Mastering the Skill of Communicating with Remote Teams

There is no such thing called the divine intervention as far as achieving seamless communication among team members is concerned. It is indeed an art when a manager is able to take some strategic steps to establish a conducive infrastructure for supporting excellent teamwork. 

Getting the right set of tools

There is nothing better than creative collaboration and team bonding. It is definitely possible for the remote teams to build the same kind of relationship as local teams by embracing a good remote tool for video communications such as, Zoom or Skype. 

Synchronous communication

Today, chat software has become a major game changer for the various remote teams. You will find a host of different choices including Slack. Begin by establishing a tool for synchronous communication so that these team members may enjoy instant access for discussion and get their queries answered on time rather than resorting to emails and waiting for hours to get a revert.

Having a proper roadmap

Remote teams should know what every team member is doing and how the projects look like on various stages. If there is no proper planning tool or a roadmap, a manager may get stuck in meetings lasting for several hours. 

Same calendar tool should be used

The remote team members should follow a common calendar tool to schedule meetings within the team. Irrespective of whether the team members decide to use Fantastical or the Google Calendar, each team.